About Me

I’m a Software Engineer working for SpaceX in the Seattle area. I have experience developing mostly on the Microsoft stack but am open to anything. Technologies include: C#, ASP.NET (Web API + MVC), TypeScript/JavaScript (AngularJS), and SQL Server. I am capable of getting my hands dirty on the front or back-end.

I chose developing software as a career because I can create new things quickly (anything!). Whether that is an entire product or an API, there is a very small amount of overhead. Other careers require large amounts of time and money before they can get a new idea off the ground. Civil engineers can be in the planning stages for years on a single project. In software, if you can think it (and have a text editor handy), you can build it.

Some things I like to do in my free time:

  • Watching Pluralsight videos until my eyes bleed
  • Playing in a kickball league and being bad at it
  • Enjoying some good craft beer


If you’d like, send me a message:

Note: this contact form is built using Azure Functions (for funz-ies) and could take a while to “spin-up” for this request. My email is also located in my resume. Source available, if interested, at: https://github.com/Tgeo/AzureFunctionsContactForm.